Senator Jaques Demers

“In an ideal world” is the opening sentence in an article written by Lysiane Gagnon in todays’ Globe and Mail. 


Clearly Ms. Gagnon lives in such a world.  In that world, everyone is apparently literate.  Those who are not, are dismissed as a disgrace.  If Ms. Gagnon wrote this article to shock then she was successful. 


I quote from the article.  “Some of Stephen Harper’s appointments were a disgrace, the worst that of Jacques Demers, a former hockey coach who, by his own admission, was illiterate.  The appointment of Patrick Brazeau, now charged with assault and sexual assault, was another mistake.”  Is the writer equating being charged with assaults to being illiterate. 


While everyone has the right to their opinion I would suggest that a little investigation on the part of Ms. Gagnon would have revealed that Senator Demers was and is a success despite being illiterate.  For years, he functioned in a world that required intense communication between many different strata’s of society.  Had she taken the time to find out what Senator Demers does in the Senate she would have learned of his sensitivity to those less fortunate, his speaking out on bullying and yes, even his revelation of once being illiterate.  It is unfortunate that the writer sullied what was a well thought out piece by this small minded discourse  on Senator Demers. 


In another life, there was a saying: “those that can do, those that can’t write about it”.  While this does not apply to the vast majority of journalists out there, in this case, it does apply to Ms. Gagnon.


Senator Larry Campbell

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