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Citizenship Act - Bill C-6

Bill to Amend—Third Reading—Motion in Amendment—Debate Continued

The Honourable Senator Larry W. Campbell :

Honourable senators, I rise to speak to Senator Lang's amendment to Bill C-6. I will be brief.

Two weeks ago, I was prepared to vote "yes" on this amendment. Two weeks ago, I had just returned from Vimy. My thoughts were with the dead and what they fought for: democracy, freedom and equality. My first thought was that there was no place for a dual citizen in Canada if convicted of a terrorist act.

Over the ensuing period of time that we had off, I read everything I could with regard to this issue. I thought back to the mentality, the "them" or "us" that we saw during our two world wars, the Japanese-Canadians, Italian-Canadians, Ukrainian-Canadians — the list goes on and on — who were considered to be a different class to other Canadians and were imprisoned simply by who they were and where their parents or grandparents were born. That was wrong then, and it's wrong now. Democracy, freedom and equality mean no differentiation between Canadian citizens. All must be treated equally under law.

For these reasons, I will be voting against the amendment and will support Bill C-6.

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